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Check if you need a visa for Ireland, how to apply plus visa decisions & waiting times.


Register with immigration to stay in Ireland for longer than 90 days.


Apply from within the State for permission to work, study and reside with your family.


You may apply if you can't return to your home country because you fear persecution.


Check if you are eligible for Irish citizenship by birth, descent or by naturalisation.


You may be instructed or helped to leave Ireland or, in exceptional cases, given permission to stay.

Registration in Dublin: Book an appointment

Re-entry visa: Apply early by post

Documents you need to enter Ireland

Passport, visas, immigration documents, etc. Find out what you need based on your nationality.


Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service

Immigration, citizenship & asylum are managed by the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service.

Justice statute

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Updated: 22 September 2017