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 Covid-19 Information about Immigration and International Protection

*Important: Only the most recently published notices are listed below.  For the full list of notices published on this website please see the Updates and Announcements section.


Notice 1 | Impact of COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions

27 April 2020 (FAQ document updated 21 July 2020: The Sections affected are detailed within the latest FAQ document)

Keep up to date with the latest information on Immigration and International Protection during the Covid-19 pandemic in the new dedicated COVID-19 Updates and Announcements area. In this area you will find notices on the various arrangements to address issues brought about by the pandemic (updated 10 July 2020: Notice affected is Resumption of Visa Services).

A Frequently Asked Questions document about the impact of COVID-19 on Immigration and International Protection has also been published. You can read more here...  For the current health advice, including information on self-isolation requirements on arrival in Ireland, visit: Irish Health Service COVID-19 Advice Page.


Notice 2 | Re-opening of Registration Offices outside of Dublin

17 July 2020

After being closed for over 3 months due to COVID-19 restrictions, Registration Offices outside Dublin are opening on a phased basis in line with the Government roadmap.  Email addresses for each registration office are provided for queries and the arranging of appointments.  Individuals wishing to register or renew should contact the Immigration Officer on the email address provided prior to attending at a Garda Station as individuals without an appointment will not be seenRead more here.


Notice 3 | New COVID-19 measures for Immigration and International Protection permissions to reside in the State that are due to expire between 20/7/2020 and 20/8/2020

16 July 2020

This notice applies to Immigration and International Protection permissions to reside in the State that are due to expire between 20th July 2020 and 20th August 2020 and supplements the notice of 20th March and 13th May 2020.

In light of the uncertainties caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, the following Notice applies to all persons with a current valid permission due to expire from 20th July 2020 and 20th August 2020, whether pursuant to domestic law or powers of the Minister, or Directive 2004/38/EC (Free Movement Directive).

All such permissions that are due to expire from 20th July 2020 and 20th August 2020 are automatically renewed by the Minister for a period of 1 month. The renewal of permission is on the same basis as the existing permission and the same conditions attach. In relation to persons with existing permission under Directive 2004/38/EC (Free Movement Directive), the automatic renewal is subject to the requirement that the person is complying with the requirements of the Directive.

Any permission that was renewed by the notices of 20th March and 13th May 2020 and which therefore has a new expiry date between 20th July 2020 and 20th August 2020 is automatically renewed by this notice for a further 1 month.

The Dublin area Registration Office located in Burgh Quay will reopen on 20th July for first time registrations on an appointment only basis. All renewals in the Dublin area are now being processed online only and the system will be available for all applicants from 20 July 2020 at https://inisonline.jahs.ie

Please also note that all Registration Offices for non-Dublin residents operated by An Garda Síochána have temporarily closed and applicants should check with their local office for details on reopening.

If you have any questions, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions document


Notice 4 | Re-opening of Registration Office, Burgh Quay, Dublin

7 July 2020

The Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee TD, has today announced:

  1. A new online Registration Renewal System for non-nationals based in Dublin, and
  2. The reopening of the Registration Office in Burgh Quay on 20 July.


Reopening of Burgh Quay on 20 July

After being closed for over 3 months due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Registration Office in Burgh Quay will reopen on 20th July in line with the Government roadmap.  Priority will be given initially to those who had their appointments for first time registrations cancelled when the office closed.

Applicants for first time registration who had their appointments previously cancelled will be contacted directly by Immigration Service Delivery (ISD) with a new appointment.  Anyone who did not previously have an appointment but needs to register should contact ISD at burghquayregoffice@justice.ie and request an appointment.


New online Registration Renewal system – go live on 20 July

A new online Registration Renewal system for all non-nationals based in Dublin will go live on 20th July.  This will mean anyone looking to renew their registration will no longer have to book an appointment or attend the registration office in person.

Applicants seeking to renew their permission will now complete the application form online https://inisonline.jahs.ie, upload copies of supporting documents online, pay the applicable fee and then submit their passport and current IRP card via registered post.  Documents will be checked and, if approved, the passport will be stamped and returned by registered post and an IRP card issued by express post.


Provision for those with an urgent need to travel

Between now and 20th July, the online system will be made available to those with an urgent need to travel and who require an IRP card before they travel.



The online system was made available to students in the Dublin area on 22nd June 2020.  The system will continue to be available for students during this period and all students in the Dublin region are required to register.


Notice 5 | Resumption of processing of re-entry visa applications

7 July 2020

Normal processing of re-entry visa applications will re-commence on 20 July 2020.

Facility for those with urgent travel needs.

In advance of re-commencing processing of all applications, and to facilitate applicants, the following procedure will apply for those with an urgent need to travel.

  1. If you have a valid IRP card, please submit any re-entry visa applications by Registered Post as normal.  All applications will be queued for processing. Due to the volume of applications expected, the processing time will be 15-20 working days. Please do not make travel arrangements until your documents have been returned.
  2. If you need to renew your Irish Residence Card (IRP) and are residing in Dublin you may now, in circumstances where there is a requirement for urgent travel, apply for renewal of your IRP card using the on-line registration system https://inisonline.jahs.ie/user/login. If you apply for online renewal and have an urgent travel need which will necessitate your departure prior to receiving your new IRP card, please download the Adult & Stamp 6 Re-entry Visa Application Form and submit this completed form along with the relevant documents and photographs with your renewal submission to be sent by Registered Post. 

    Please also include with your postal submission for IRP renewal, any Re-entry Visa applications in respect of dependent children under the age of 16 and all supporting documentation (please note that a GP letter, rather than a school signature will suffice in respect of each child until further notice).   Minor & Stamp 6 Re-Entry Visa Application Form

    On the outside of the envelope, please write the Stamp number you are applying for plus Re-entry Visa.  Lack of clear indication may delay the processing of your application.
  3. If you need to renew your Irish Residence Card (IRP) and are residing outside Dublin you must continue to renew your IRP card through your local Registration Offices. To facilitate those needing to travel and reduce processing time, rather than requiring an IRP card we will accept evidence of your having applied for and renewed your registration.

 **Please note that On-line Registration Renewals and Re-entry Visa Applications are strictly postal services only.  Due to ongoing covid-19 restrictions, staff will not deal directly with the public under any circumstances.**


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