Visa decisions and waiting times

Visa applications and appeals received by the Dublin Visa Office before the dates shown below, are now being processed. Dates for re-entry visas are published every day. All other dates are published every Tuesday.

If your application was sent to a Visa office outside Ireland, contact that office for processing information.

Visa applications and appeals now being processed for a decision (updated: 21 January 2020)

Visa type Date applications received in Dublin Date appeals received in Dublin
Business 13 January 2020 14 August 2019
Employment 06 January 2020 14 August 2019
Join family (Sponsor is in Category B*) 07 June 2019 22 November 2018
Join family (Sponsor is an Irish citizen or is in Category A*) 23 October 2019 09 January 2019
Re-entry (children) 20 January 2020 Not applicable
Study 06 January 2020 14 August 2019
Tourism or visit a family/friend 16 December 2019 14 August 2019
Other 24 December 2019 14 August 2019

* Please see paragraph 16.4 of the Policy Document on Non-EEA Family Reunification for information on the Categories.

Download the most recent decisions for visa applications.

Waiting times for a visa decision

For most visas, you can expect a decision 8 weeks after it was received by the Irish Visa Office, Embassy or Consulate you sent it to. Applications for a Join Family visa take longer (see below).

Your application may also take longer if:

  • You have not submitted the necessary supporting documentation
  • Your supporting documentation needs to be verified
  • Because of personal circumstances, eg you have a criminal conviction

Note: Processing times can change during the year, eg before holiday periods. You are advised not to pay for a travel ticket before you receive a decision on your visa.

Waiting times for a 'Join Family' visa decision

Our targets for processing a Join Family visa are as follows.

If your sponsor in Ireland is an Irish citizen

We aim to process your application within 6 months after we receive all your necessary documents.

If your sponsor in Ireland is entitled to immediate family reunification

We aim to process your application within 6 months after we receive all your necessary documents

All other sponsors

We aim to process your application within 12 months after we receive all your necessary documents.

These longer time periods reflect the detailed review we must do for every application. Times may increase if we need more documents from you, or if a detailed assessment of family rights under the Irish Constitution or the European Convention on Human Rights is required.

Note: These time periods are for guidance only and may change for your application. There is no guarantee that any individual application will be successful.



If you have questions, contact us.

Updated: 21 January 2020