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Extension of visitor permission

All non EEA (European Economic Area) Nationals must have the permission of the Minister for Justice and Equality to be in the State. The E.E.A. is comprised of the 28 Member States of the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Non EEA nationals who visit the State can be granted a maximum of 90 days Visitor Permission by an immigration officer when they enter at the port of entry. This applies to both non visa required nationals and visa required nationals. Please see the web page - Check if you need a Visa.

It is a general policy of INIS not to grant extension of Visitor Permission. The visitor is expected to leave the State at the end of the permission. However if there is a change of circumstances since the original visitor permission or entry visa was granted then INIS will consider an application for an extension of visitor permission.

It is only in cases where unforeseen circumstances arise that INIS will grant an extension of visitor permission - for example where there is an unexpected illness of the visitor or the sponsoring family.

Extensions will not be granted for the visitor to continue tourist activities or to attend a particular family event. It would be expected that the visitor would time their visit to cover the family event.

Extensions will not be granted to facilitate childcare in the normal run of events.

Extensions will not be granted to visa required nationals who wish to reunite and reside with family members in the State where the visitor has entered on a C Visit visa. If a sponsoring family member wishes to have a dependent relative reside with them in the State they must apply for a D Reside visa. Please see the Family Reunification Policy Document  for further details.

If unforeseen circumstances occur which mean that a visitor needs to extend their visitor permission to be in the State they must apply in writing (hard copy by post) to:

Extension of Visitor Permission
Residence Division Unit 6
Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service
PO Box 12695
Dublin 2


The application must include:

  • A full copy of the visitor’s current passport showing entry stamp to the State.
  • Detailed account of the unforeseen circumstances that have arisen.
  • Documentary supporting evidence (e.g. medical reports if applicable).
  • How much extra time is required.
  • Details of any family members resident in the State and their current circumstances (i.e. studying or working).
  • Evidence of private medical insurance.
  • Contact address in the State, telephone number and/or e-mail address.


Queries in relation to extension of visitor permission can be sent to

This is an email query service and not an application portal.

06 October 2017