What if I am refused a visa?


If you are refused a visa you may appeal this decision by writing to:

Visa Appeals Officer
Visa Section
Immigration Service Delivery
6 – 7 Hanover Street
Dublin 2, D02 W320


If you applied to the Visa Office in Abuja, Ankara, Beijing, Abu Dhabi, London, Moscow or New Delhi, you should submit your appeal to the relevant office.

An exception to this is for applicants residents of Qatar where the appeal must be sent Dublin.

Any further information or additional documentation which you wish to have taken into account should be sent for the attention of the Visa Appeals Officer. Provision of such additional documentation will be considered but does not guarantee approval of the application. The visa reference number must be quoted on all future correspondence.


How do I lodge an appeal?

Appeals must be in written form and posted to the Visa Appeals Officer at the above address. Faxed or emailed appeals will not be considered.


Is there a time limit?

Yes, you should submit your appeal within 2 months of the refusal date.


How much does it cost?

There is no charge for an appeal against refusal of a visa.


What happens when I make my appeal?

On receipt of the appeal the Appeals Officer will review the application again, taking account of any further comments you have made in the grounds of appeal and of any supporting documentation. On examination and review the original decision may be reversed. If the Appeals Officer does not alter the decision, you will be notified in writing.


How long will my appeal take?

Visa appeals are processed in the order they are received. We make every effort to process appeals as soon as possible and we let the applicant know the outcome when the decision is made.

Processing times may increase if a detailed assessment of family rights under the Constitution of Ireland or the European Convention on Human Rights is required. 

The following page, which is updated each Tuesday, can be visited to keep up to date for current processing times for appeals being processed in Dublin: Check current appeal waiting times.

Processing times can differ between offices and may also vary during the year, for example at holiday periods.