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Notice Regarding Evidence of Finances for all Non EEA Students

One of the key conditions applicable to a student coming to and residing in Ireland is that they must be able to fully support themselves. This requirement applies to the payment of all course fees and all other living and related expenses.

There has always been a requirement for full time non EEA students to demonstrate access to sufficient funds to support themselves during their period of study in Ireland.  This is a welfare condition to make sure that a student can support themselves in the initial months of their stay in Ireland.  This requirement to demonstrate adequate funding is in line with immigration rules in other jurisdictions and this condition applies to all non EEA students irrespective of whether their nationality requires a visa for the purposes of entering the State.

Currently, students from Visa required countries are required to demonstrate that they have access to €7,000 as part of their Visa application. However, Ireland does not require all non-EEA students to apply for a visa before coming to study long term in Ireland and both categories will be treated differently when they present for registration by the immigration authorities.

With effect from 01 September 2016 the following revised requirements will apply.

Visa required students

 Visa required students who obtained a study visa to come to Ireland will no longer be obliged to present evidence of finance, on first registration, on the basis that the appropriate checks on finance have already been undertaken as part of the visa application process.

Non Visa required students

Students who did not require a visa and who are studying in Ireland can avail of the following options as a means of demonstrating finances ( on first registration) of a minimum level of €3000. Students should make sure, however, that the option selected is available to them. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that they are entitled to avail of the option they select taking into account the requirements imposed by the bank or financial institution on opening and operating bank accounts in the State.



(a) A statement in respect of an Irish bank account showing sufficient funds, where the student can open an Irish bank account
(b) A current foreign bank statement not less than one month old, together with a past statement, for an account in the students name (as in his or her passport) accompanied by a debit card in the same name and same bank account
(c) Documentary evidence that money is held in trust for a student by a financial services body regulated in Ireland by the Central Bank of Ireland
(d) A pre-paid credit or debit card(s) with a verification of the amount(s) in credit


Scholarship Students

In addition students in receipt of a scholarship which either part funds or fully funds both their course fees and living costs must provide a letter, issued to them by the relevant organisation confirming they are the recipient of a scholarship.


The table below  outlines the new proof of funding requirements for all non-EEA Students from 1 September 2016.


Funding requirements for Non –EEA Students from 01 September 2016 



Non-EEA Students studying for a period of less than 6 months

 €500 per month of stay or €3,000 which ever is the lesser



Non-EEA Students studying for a period equal to or greater than 6 months and up to 1 year




Non-EEA Students studying in Ireland where the second registration takes place at a time exceeding 1 year

Such students are generally not required to produce bank accounts at second or subsequent registrations unless they are requested to do so by an immigration officer

 It should be noted that during 2010 the general requirement for students to produce bank statements at their second and subsequent registrations was removed.

NOTE: In general Non-EEA Students studying in Ireland for a period of less than 90 days are not required to register with the Immigration Authorities. However if directed to register such students will be required to demonstrate evidence of finance on the same basis as Non-EEA students studying for a period of less than 6 months.

Opening a bank account in Ireland

Ireland has strict money laundering legislation and banks and financial institutions are obliged to comply with the legislation in place. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that they fully comply with any requirement of the bank or financial institution such as proof of identity etc., in that regard.