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Re-entry visas

Important notice: Abolition of adult re-entry visas. You will no longer require a re-entry visa to leave and return to Ireland on or after 13 May 2019. See information links below.


Information in relation to the abolition of adult re-entry visas

The above link provides information regarding the use of adult re-entry visas after abolition

Application for a re-entry visa for a minor under 16

A child aged 0-15 who is not issued with a GNIB/IRP card needs a re-entry visa to leave Ireland for a short period (usually up to 90 days) and then return again, for instance on holiday with their parents. See details of how to apply via the above link.

I am an adult with a Stamp 6 permission in my passport but I do not have a GNIB/IRP card. Should I apply for a re-entry visa ?

Stamp 6 holders cannot currently be issued with an GNIB/IRP card. INIS intends, in the coming months, to issue IRP cards to Stamp 6 holders. In the meantime, if you are a visa required national and have a Stamp 6 permission in your passport, you may apply for a re-entry visa if you intend to travel and return to Ireland using your non-Irish passport. You must apply by post.

Re-entry visa processing times

Check the re-entry visa applications now being processed. This is updated every weekday.




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Updated: 22 December 2020