Re-entry visas

Burgh Quay Re-entry Visa Office arrangements for persons awaiting IRP cards

If a person requires a re-entry visa for urgent travel purposes when awaiting their Irish Residence Permit (IRP), as an interim measure, Re-Entry Division will accept the permission stamp on the person’s passport. The stamp referred to in the previous sentence is the permission stamp placed in the passport at the Garda Station or at INIS Burgh Quay - it is NOT the landing stamp placed in the passport at the port/airport when entering Ireland.

Apply for a re-entry visa

Apply for a re-entry visa if you plan to leave Ireland for a short period, eg for a holiday.

Re-entry visa processing times

Check the re-entry visa applications now being processed. This is updated every weekday.

Re-entry visa fees

You must pay by bank draft or postal order only. Some applicants are exempt from fees.




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Updated: 27 February 2018

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