Visa Appeals

If your visa application is refused you may have the right appeal against the decision.

Read how to appeal a visa decision in detail and how the procedure works

If your visa application has been refused on the grounds that you submitted false or misleading information or false supporting documentation as part of your application it may be refused without a right of appeal.

Your letter of refusal will explain the reasons for refusal and notify you whether you have a right of appeal, and if so, where to lodge your appeal.

Refusals must be appealed within 2 months of the refusal date. There is no charge for an appeal against refusal of a visa

If your visa application was processed by an overseas office of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service, you must submit your appeal directly to that office, the details of which will be on your letter of refusal. An exception to this process is for residents of Qatar.

In the case of all other applications, including residents of Qatar, you must submit your appeal to:

Visa Appeals Officer
Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service
Department of Justice and Equality
13-14 Burgh Quay
Dublin 2
D02 XK70

DO NOT send your passport with your appeal unless you sent the passport to the Dublin Visa Office with your original application.

Appeals must be in written form. Faxed or emailed appeals will not be considered.

The appeal letter submitted with your appeal must be signed and dated by the applicant. Appeals submitted by a third party must be accompanied by a letter signed and dated by the applicant, authorising the third party to act on their behalf.

You can send any further information or additional documentation that you wish to have taken into account to the Visa Appeals Officer.

Provision of additional documentation will be considered but does not guarantee approval of the application. You must quote the visa application reference number on all correspondence.

On receipt of the appeal, the Appeals Officer will review the application again, taking account of any further comments you have made in the grounds of appeal and of any supporting documentation. On examination and review the original decision may be reversed. If the Appeals Officer does not alter the decision, you will be notified in writing.

Appeals may take up to 8 weeks from date of receipt of appeal by the relevant Visa Office.