Visa application decisions

Decisions for visa applications are published weekly on this page every Tuesday. Check current application waiting times.

To check if your application has been approved, download the Visa Decisions document (below) and search for your visa application number.


Find your visa decision

Search for your visa application number

Download and open the PDF document.

  • Press CTRL + F (or CMD + F in Apple Mac) on your keyboard.
  • Enter your visa application number which is eight digits long (double-check you entered it correctly).
  • Click Find.

If we have made a decision on your visa application, the visa application number and the decision will be shown.

If you cannot find your application then we have not made a decision on your application that week. Try again next Tuesday or (if you have not already checked them) check the previous visa decision listings on this page.

Check visa waiting times at the Dublin Visa Office.

What your decision means

Approved: You will see the type of visa which we approved – for example study, business, visit, and so on.

Refused: You will see that the application has been refused.

What to do next

If your application is approved

We will contact you about issuing your visa.

If we have not already contacted you in relation to the issuing of your visa, then to arrange the issue of your visa please contact:

If your application is refused

If we decide to refuse your application, we will write to you by letter or by email setting out the reason(s) for the decision.

If you have not already received the decision letter (or email), then to get it please contact:

You can appeal your visa decision at no additional cost. To do so, you must submit an appeal within 2 months of the date on your letter of refusal.

If you cannot find your application

Visa applications are processed in the order they are received. If you cannot find a decision about your application, it means it has not been decided yet.

Check current visa decision waiting times in the Dublin Visa Office - the waiting times are updated each Tuesday.



If you have questions about the visa content on this page, contact us.

Updated: 21 January 2020