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Family reunification for recognised refugees

Family Reunification under Sections 56 and 57of the International Protection Act 2015 (the 2015 Act).

Persons who were granted Refugee Status or Subsidiary Protection prior to the commencement of the 2015 Act are deemed to have been granted Refugee Status or Subsidiary Protection respectively, on the date on which Sections 56 and 57 of the 2015 Act came into force (31/12/2016).

Consequently, applications for family reunification by persons who were granted Refugee Status or Subsidiary Protection prior to the coming into force of the 2015 Act must be received by the Minister within 12 months of 31 December, 2016. Such persons are entitled to make an application for family reunification up to and including 30 December, 2017.

All applications for family reunification received by the Minister after 31/12/2016 will be processed in accordance with Section 56 and Section 57 of the 2015 Act.

Published 31 August, 2017


Family Reunification for Refugees can only be sought in cases where a person has been granted Refugee Status in Ireland. If you have been granted Refugee Status and wish to apply for family members to join you in Ireland you must apply in writing to:

Family Reunification Section
Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service,
13-14 Burgh Quay,
Dublin 2.

 For information on documents required please refer to this document Family_Reunification_FAQ

If your application for Family Reunification is successful, your family member(s) will then need to apply for a visa to enter Ireland.

The visa application should not be made until such a time as Family Reunification has been granted and Passport or Travel Documents have been obtained.

The visa application should be submitted to the Irish Embassy or Consulate in or accredited to your family member’s country of residence. Details of all Irish Embassies can be found on

For further information on applying for an Irish Visa please refer our visa planning page.

 The documents required for the visa application are:

  • Fully completed and signed application form
  • Original Passport or Travel Document
  • Photograph which meets our requirements - Applying for an Irish Visa – Photograph Requirements
  • Fee (details of local currency and methods of payment accepted are available from the office to which you make your application)
  • Letter that issued from the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service to the Refugee in Ireland granting Family Reunification