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Applications directed to the Dublin Visa Office

The information on this page refers to visa applications where the online Application Summary Form directs you to send the application to the Dublin Visa Office. The Application Summary Form is created by the online system when you click <Submit> at the end of completing your details online on AVATS.

Apply for an Irish visa online via AVATS


Where do I send my application?
Where the online application summary form has directed the applicant to send the application to Dublin it must sent to:

Visas Customer Service
Immigration Service Delivery
6 – 7 Hanover Street
Dublin 2, D02 W320

You are advised to ensure that the application is sent in a secure fashion, i.e. by courier or by registered post, so that it can be tracked.

Include all supporting documentation with your application.


How can I pay the application fee to the Dublin Visa Office?
Some people may not have to pay the visa application fee. Read more about visa fees and people who do not have to pay. (See:

The fee, for visa applications directed to be submitted to the Dublin Visa Office, must be made by Electronic Fund Transfer and our bank details are provided below – no other method of payment is accepted by the Dublin Visa Office. Please ensure the full amount of the fee is paid in euro and that any charges which may be applied to the transaction (such as currency exchange or other charges) are paid so that the full visa application fee is paid to our bank account. We will not process an application where the full visa application fee does not reach our bank account. Please include, with the application, proof that the visa application fee has been paid – for example a copy of the transfer receipt from your bank.

If a number of visa applications are sent to the Dublin Visa Office at the same time, you may pay for all of the visa application fees in one Electronic Fund Transfer. Please include, with each application, proof that the visa application fee has been paid – for example a copy of the transfer receipt from your bank.

Important: Print the applicant’s application number clearly on the lodgement in the payment reference section and provide a copy of the transaction with your application. The visa application number is given to the applicant when the application form is being completed online – it is “IRL” followed by eight digits (IRLXXXXXXXX).


Bank Details for fee payment  

IBAN: IE65BOFI 900017 82492191  
Name of Account: Visa Fees Public Bank Account  
Bank Name: Bank of Ireland  
Bank Address: 2 College Green D02VR66 Ireland


Return of documents.
We send Passports by registered post to addresses in the Ireland or the UK. Read about getting documents other than Passports returned to you.

If you have an address outside of Ireland or the UK you must:

  1. Provide an Irish or UK address - this can be a friend or relative; or
  2. Arrange for a courier company to collect (at the applicant’s expense) from Visas Division, 6-7 Hanover Street, Dublin 2, D02 W320. A courier company may request a contact phone number for INIS. The number to be used is +353 1 616 7700. The courier company must provide your full name and visa transaction number when they come to our office to collect documents on your behalf


Updated:12 December 2019