Citizenship policy & guidance

Forms & documents

Naturalisation application forms: Forms 8, 9, 10, 11 & affidavits

For adults and children (minors), including guidance notes and affidavit forms.

Citizenship based on birth or descent

In most cases you do not need to submit a form to the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service.

Renounce or reacquire citizenship forms: Forms 1 & 13

To renounce (give up) Irish citizenship and to reacquire it if previously renounced.

Declaration of residence: Form A

Declaration by EU/EEA and Swiss parents of a child born in Ireland when applying for their child's passport.

Declaration of residence: Form C

Declaration by non-EU/EEA & non-Swiss parents of a child born in Ireland, who were previously resident in Northern Ireland.

Certify a document copy or translation

A certified document is one that has been signed and dated by a person or entity approved by INIS.


Dual citizenship

Under Irish law, Irish citizens are not restricted being citizens of other countries.

Renounce or reacquire Irish citizenship

How to voluntarily renounce (give up) your Irish citizenship, or to reacquire it if previously renounced.

Revocation of Irish citizenship

The circumstances in which Irish citizenship can be revoked (taken back) if you obtained it by naturalisation.


Citizenship law in Ireland

The law governing citizenship in Ireland is set out in the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act 1956 as amended and other related Regulations.



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