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Permission to join an Irish citizen family member

Apply for permission to join a family member who is an Irish citizen as described below. The Policy Document on non-EEA Family Reunification (PDF 330KB) describes the criteria by which your application will be reviewed.

Find out how to prepare for border control, if you need a visa & more. These can affect your application in important ways.

Join your long term, de facto partner

Apply for De Facto Partnership Immigration Permission.

A de facto relationship means you and your partner are not married, but are both committed to a shared life together to the exclusion of all others, ie as if you were married.

Remain with your child who is an Irish citizen

Join another family member

Apply based on the rules described in the Policy document on non-EEA family reunification (PDF 330KB).

Read a longer description about how to apply.



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Updated: 9 December 2016