Immigration policy & guidance

Immigration & permission system

Entering Ireland at border control

You must report to an immigration officer at border control before you enter the country.

Permission to remain in Ireland

You must apply for permission to remain in Ireland if you wish to stay here longer than 3 months.

Stamps, immigration permission & conditions

If you are given permission to remain in Ireland, an immigration officer will place a stamp in your passport. Each stamp has conditions.

Managing your permission

Application Reference Numbers & Person Identity Numbers

A Person Identity Number is created for you when you first make an application to INIS. An Application Reference Number is created everytime you submit a new application.

Update your personal details, eg change of name

Apply for a 'change of name licence' from INIS if you formally change your name.

Immigration policies

Policy on family reunification for non-EU/EEA and non-Swiss citizens

This policy applies to all family reunification decisions, eg spouses, children, parents.

EU, EEA & single market

Countries in EU, EEA & single market

Countries in the EU and EEA are part of a single market that allows free movement for citizens. Switzerland has an agreement that extends the single market to include it.



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Updated: 9 December 2016

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