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You do not need a transit visa

You do not need a transit visa to travel through an Irish airport/seaport on your way to another destination.

When travelling

Transit (including Transfer Visa) Advice:

All passengers intending to transit through Ireland are advised to check to see if they require a visa or transit visa for Ireland and should apply for such a visa before travelling to Ireland:

Transit passengers making connections at Dublin Airport should be aware of the following:-

  • You should check to see if you need a Visa/transit Visa before travelling and apply if required
  • In all circumstances you will present to an immigration officer.
  • Unless your arrival flight and onward connecting flight is in Terminal 2 between the hours of 0400 and 1600, you will need to go landside to make your onward connecting flight. This requires that you seek permission to enter the State (you will need to have the appropriate Irish entry visa if you are visa required for entry to Ireland).

When you arrive at the airport/seaport in Ireland, you may not pass through border control while you wait for your connection.

If you do need to pass through border control, you must prove that you have a valid reason for entering Ireland to an Immigration Officer. An Immigration Officer will decide whether you can pass through border control.

When do I pass through border control?

Times you would pass through border control would include, but are not limited to:

  • Leaving the terminal building for any purpose, including in some cases having to transfer between terminals for a connecting flight.
  • In cases where you must collect your bags and check them in to your onward flight.
  • Transiting overnight - all Irish airports close at night and passengers are required to pass through border control.




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Updated: 27 June 2019

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