Registration fee, payment & exemptions

You will be issued with a Certificate of Registration (GNIB card) when you register for the first time and whenever you renew or change permission.

A certificate costs €300 per person each time. Some applicants do not pay this fee, as below.

How to pay

Credit card & debit card

Pay by credit card or debit card at Burgh Quay registration office and some others.

To pay using credit card or debit card, bring your card with you and use as normal.

You will be given your certificate when payment is confirmed.

Bank giro

Pay by bank giro at any registration office. Bank giro is a method of transferring money between bank accounts.

To pay using giro:

  • An immigration officer will give you a bank giro form during your visit to a registration office.
  • The form is pre-printed with INIS account details and the payment amount (€300).
  • Go to your bank to pay the giro. Keep the receipt.
  • Return to the registration office and show your receipt as proof of payment.

You will be given your certificate when payment is confirmed.

Note: If you cannot pay on the same day as your visit to the registration office, confirm a date to collect your certificate with the immigration officer.


You do not pay the fee if you are:



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Updated: 5 September 2016

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