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Notice | High demand for registration appointments in Dublin

Demand for appointments is currently very high. If you can't book one straightaway, keep trying. We add new appointments every weekday at 10am and after 2pm. Read top appointment questions below.

21 September 2017

Registration web appointments system is operational

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Top questions

I cannot find an appointment in September or October. What do I do?

Demand is very high at this time of year and many appointments have already been taken.

However, we add new appointments for September and October every weekday between 2:30pm - 5pm. Keep checking the appointment system at 2:30pm everyday until you find one.

We are also adding extra appointments for some weekday evenings and Saturdays to help. If you don't find one straightaway, keep trying. You should get one within a few days.

If you can wait until November, we also add new appointments for dates 9 weeks into the future every weekday at 10am. Keep checking the appointment system at 10am everyday until you find one.

Updated 21 September 2017

Why do I get the error 'The appointment you selected is no longer available. Please try again'?

This is due to very high demand for appointments in September and October. If this happens, search for a different appointment date/time and try again.

You do not need to cancel the original booking.

Added 6 September 2017

Contacts for help

See all registration contact details, including maps to registration offices and opening hours.

Contact us with a question about your appointment or registration:

Emails with the following information have priority. Other emails will take longer:

  • Full name
  • Certificate of registration (GNIB card) number, if available
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth


If you have questions, contact us.

Updated: 21 September 2017