What happens when you visit a registration office

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When you visit a registration office, an immigration officer will review your documents and gather details about you, eg photograph, fingerprints.

If successful, you'll be given permission to stay in Ireland (subject to conditions) and registered with immigration.

Prepare for your visit

If you live in Dublin City or county, you must go to Burgh Quay Registration Office to register in person. You must also book an appointment online before you visit.

If you live outside Dublin, you must go to a regional office to register. You cannot register at the Burgh Quay office in Dublin.

In some cases you will be sent a letter about exactly what to bring with you.

If you are unsure what to bring, read a longer description about how to register for the first time or renew your registration.

Note: Do not go to the office unless you have all the documents & other evidence you need, as you cannot be registered. Cancel your appointment (if necessary) and arrange a new one.

During your visit

Most registration visits take about 1 hour in total, with some waiting time. It may take longer if your case is complicated.

Arrive and check-in

When you arrive at the registration office, go to reception and check-in.

If you are registering at Burgh Quay Registration Office, arrive 10 minutes early and show your appointment confirmation email to the attendant at reception.

(Do not arrive more than 10 minutes early, as the office will be busy with other applicants.)

The attendant will confirm your name and ask you to take a seat.

You will normally be seen within 30 minutes.


When you are called, go to the desk indicated and give your documents to the immigration officer. (Your case will be handled more quickly if all your documents are prepared and ready for review.)

The officer may ask you some questions about the reasons for your stay in Ireland.

They will then record some of your personal details. This includes:

  • Fingerprints from your index fingers
  • A photo of you

Note: If you have injured your fingers, wait until they have healed before registering. If any fingers are missing, prints from your other fingers will be taken.


The officer will collect a registration fee of €300 (per person) from you. You can pay by:

  • Bank giro: A giro is a pre-printed form and can be collected from any registration office.
  • Credit card or debit card: These can be used at Burgh Quay Registration Office and some others.

Contact your local office to confirm payment options before you arrive.

When done, the officer will take your passport for processing. It will be returned before you leave.


If this is your first time to register, the immigration officer will record your remaining fingerprints (in addition to your index fingers).

After these details have been taken, the officer will ask you to confirm your details:

  • You will be shown your name on a computer screen and asked to confirm it is yours.
  • You will be asked to electronically sign your fingerprints to confirm that they are yours.

You can then take a seat and wait until your documents are ready.


When you are called, go to the desk indicated and an immigration officer will verify your identity.

If your visit has been successful, the officer will:

  • Put a stamp in your passport to grant you permission to stay in Ireland
  • Prepare a Certificate of Registration (GNIB card) to show that you have been registered

The type of stamp indicates the conditions of your permission, including the:

  • Activities you can - and cannot do - in Ireland
  • Time period you are allowed to stay

The Certificate of Registration (GNIB card) indicates that:

  • Your permission to stay here has been registered
  • It also includes the name of the stamp in your passport

The officer will then return your passport to you.

Once your registration payment has been confirmed, the officer will also give you your Certificate of Registration.

Note: If you need extra time to pay the registration fee, confirm a date with the immigration officer for when you should collect your certificate.

Special needs

You can bring your own translator with you.

Burgh Quay Registration Office and many others are wheelchair accessible. If you have other special needs (or want to confirm wheelchair access) contact your chosen office before you visit.


Contact & help

If you have questions, check the support centre for help.

Updated: 5 September 2016