Renew Stamp 4

To remain in Ireland lawfully when your current Stamp 4 expires, you must renew your immigration permission and registration in person at a registration office.

If successful, you'll be given a fresh stamp in your passport and a new Certificate of Registration (GNIB card). Read a longer description about Stamp 4.

If you think you no longer meet the conditions for Stamp 4, contact us for advice before you go to a registration office.

You want to renew Stamp 4. Change your answers

Before you renew

Check your expiry date

The expiry date for your current immigration permission & registration is shown on the stamp in your passport and on your Certificate of Registration (GNIB card).

To apply for a renewal, you must visit a registration office during the 2 week renewal period before expiry.

If you do not renew in time, future applications could be affected by gaps in your immigration record. In some circumstances you may have to leave the country.

Find a registration office

If you live in Dublin City or county

You must go to Burgh Quay Registration Office in Dublin City centre. Before you visit, you must book an appointment online.

Make your booking 10 weeks before your registration expires to get an appointment during the 2 week renewal period. (You cannot book more than 10 weeks in advance.)

Book a registration appointment online

Do not go to Burgh Quay without an appointment, as you will not be allowed to renew.

If you live outside Dublin City or county

You must go to the registration office nearest to where you live. Registration offices are located at Garda Síochána (police) stations around the country.

See a list of regional registration offices

You may need an appointment to visit a regional registration office. Contact your local office before you visit to check opening days & times.

When you renew

Documents you will need

You must bring:

  • Your passport
  • Your current Certificate of Registration (GNIB card)
  • Proof of your address in Ireland, eg an original household bill that shows your name and address

If these are missing, you cannot be given continued permission to stay in Ireland and your registration won't be renewed.

Cost & payment options

You must pay a fee of €300 per person to renew. You can pay by:

  • Bank giro: A giro is a pre-printed form and can be collected from any registration office.
  • Credit card or debit card: These can be used at Burgh Quay Registration Office and some others.

Contact your local office to confirm payment options before you arrive.

Visit the registration office

At the registration office an immigration officer will examine your documents, check existing records and update your details, eg new photo.

They will also collect the fee.

Most renewal visits take about 1 hour, including some waiting periods. Read more about what happens when you visit a registration office.

If your renewal is successful

Before you leave the registration office, the immigration officer will:

  • Put a fresh stamp in your passport to grant you permission to stay
  • Give you a new Certificate of Registration to show you have been registered

The type of stamp indicates the conditions of your permission, including the:

  • Activities you can - and cannot do - in Ireland
  • Time period you are allowed to stay

The Certificate of Registration (GNIB Card) indicates that:

  • Your permission to stay here has been registered
  • It also includes the name of the stamp in your passport

After you renew

Update or modify your details

You should inform us if your personal details or circumstances change, for example:

  • The reasons underlying your permission change
  • You change your home/postal address
  • Other details change, eg you change your name

You should also contact us if there is a problem with your documents (eg we misspelled your name) or if you lose or damage your Certificate of Registration or stamp.

Renew again or change permission

Permission expiry & renewal

Most stamps are valid for 12 months, though some last less time.

If you wish to stay in Ireland longer, you must renew your permission and registration again before the next expiry date.

Note: You can only be given permission up to the expiry date on your passport.

If you do not renew in time, future applications could be affected by gaps in your immigration record, eg if you intend to apply for long term residence.

In some circumstances, you may have to leave the country.

Change your permission/stamp

In some circumstances you may be able to change what you are allowed to do in Ireland or how long you can stay by applying for a change of permission, eg if you wish to study fulltime.

To change, you must already have a valid (unexpired) stamp and be able to prove you meet the conditions of the permission you want.

Long term residence

Path to long term residence

You may be able to apply for long term residence if you have been legally resident in Ireland for several years and have no unexplained gaps in your immigration record.

For example, after 8 years' you may be able to apply for Stamp 5.

With Stamp 5 you can stay in Ireland indefinitely.



If you have questions, contact us.

Updated: 24 November 2016

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