Renew your registration

If you wish to remain in Ireland, you must renew your immigration permission & registration on time. If you register in Dublin you must make an appointment on-line to renew at the Burgh Quay Registration Office. We release appointments seven weeks in advance. For instance, we release appointments today for seven weeks in the future.

You should make an appointment for a date closest to the expiry of your card but generally not more than two weeks before that date. Future applications could be affected by gaps in your record if you do not renew on time.


If you live outside Dublin you should contact your local immigration office to arrange a time to register.


Renew now

Documents you need & how to renew for:

Note: Your stamp number is printed on your registration certificate, ie Irish Residence Permit (IRP) or GNIB Card.



Contact & help

If you have questions, check the support centre for help.

Updated: 5 September 2016