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Re-entry visa for an adult with stamp 6

You need a re-entry visa if you have permission to remain in Ireland for longer than 90 days and if you travel using a passport issued by a visa required country or a travel document issued by certain countries.

NOTE: Demand for re-entry visas is very high. The best way to get a visa on time is to apply early by post. You should not make travel plans until you have a visa.

1. About re-entry visas

You need a re-entry visa if you wish to leave Ireland for a short period (usually up to 90 days) and then return again, eg for a holiday, to go to a conference.

If you leave without a re-entry visa or if you do not return within the period shown on your visa, you must apply again for a new long stay or short stay visa from abroad to come back to Ireland.

Read the general conditions for all visas.

2. Who can apply

You can apply for a re-entry visa if you:

  • Are aged 16 or older
  • Have a stamp 6 on your passport

Each individual traveller must apply for a separate visa. There are no family visas.

An application for a child (aged 15 or younger) must be made by their parent or legal guardian.

3. Types of re-entry visa

There are 2 types of re-entry visa. Select the one you want on your application form when you apply:

  1. Single journey visa allows you to leave and return to Ireland on one occasion during the period shown on the visa, typically within a 90 day period
  2. Multiple journey visa allows you to leave for short journeys and return to Ireland on more than one occasion during the period shown on the visa, typically up to the expiry date on your registration certificate

All stamp 6 holders will be given a re-entry visa for a maximum period of 1 year. If your application is successful, a visa officer will decide which visa to grant you. The type of visa and period you are granted may vary depending on circumstances.

4. How to apply

To apply for a re-entry visa:

  1. Download and complete the application form (as below)
  2. Prepare your application documents(as below)
  3. Submit your visa application by registered post

IMPORTANT: You should not purchase travel tickets before you receive a visa decision.

5. Application form and documents

Submit everything listed below if you are an adult (aged 16 or older) with stamp 6.

i. Application form

Download and complete the re-entry visa application form.

Document icon Re-entry visa application form
(PDF 287KB)

ii. Passport

Include your current passport with your application. Do not submit a photocopy.

The passport must contain your current immigration permission stamp 6.

iii. Photos

Include 2 passport-sized colour photos of the visa applicant.

The photos must meet all the following rules for visa photographs.

iv. Submit your application

When ready, put all the items listed above into an envelope. We recommend that you use a strong padded envelope to prevent damage and help stop items being lost.

If you are making applications for more than 1 person (eg a family), submit them together. To do so:

  • Place each person's application documents into separate ordinary envelopes
  • Write the name of each applicant on each envelope
  • Then place each envelope into a larger (padded) envelope

Double-check that everything is included. You can then submit your application(s) By registered post.

6. Submit your application by registered post

You must submit your application by registered post at a post office.

Registered post is more secure than ordinary post. You can also track your package online.

Do not send your application by ordinary post. We will return it to you without processing.

Application address

Re-entry Visa Processing Office
Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service
Department of Justice and Equality
13-14 Burgh Quay
Dublin 2
D02 XK70

When to apply

It takes 10-15 working days to process a re-entry visa application submitted by post.

When deciding when to apply, you should also include extra time for weekends, public holidays and postage to-and-from the Re-entry Visa Processing Office.

Return address

After processing we will return your documents (and visa, if approved) to you by registered post.

To request a different return address, type or write a note with the new address and include it with your application. We cannot accept a request for a new return address after you submit your application.

Always double-check your visa (if approved) to make sure your details are correct, eg name, date of birth, dates of visa validity, etc. If not, contact us.

7. Visa decisions

Visa decisions are made in the order applications are received.

For applications received through the postal system, an update on applications is published every weekday.

If your application is approved

An Irish visa will be placed into a blank page of your passport.

For applications received through the postal system, we will return your passport, visa and documents to you by registered post. (If you requested a different return address, we will send them there.)

Double-check the visa when you receive it to make sure your details are correct, eg name, date of birth, dates of visa validity, etc. If not, contact us.

If your application is refused

For applications received through the postal system, we will return your passport and documents to you by registered post. We will also include a 'letter of refusal' that explains why your application was refused.

In both cases, you may wish to address the reason(s) for the refusal and (if possible) apply again.



If you have questions, contact us.

Updated:9 May 2019

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