The Minister for Justice and Law Reform, Mr Dermot Ahern T.D., today announced that he has asked the Garda Inspectorate to undertake two studies, one to examine Frontline Supervision in An Garda Síochána and the other to examine the allocation of Garda Resources to crime investigation and prosecution. This decision was taken by the Minister in response to submissions made to him earlier in the year, and following consultations with Garda management.

The Minister said "Following on from their report on resource allocation, I feel it is appropriate to ask the Garda Inspectorate to commence a review of Garda frontline supervision and the allocation of Garda resources to crime prevention and investigation. The accelerated Garda recruitment programme of recent years has resulted in a large intake of young, talented members who are still gaining policing experience. Against this background, maintaining and enhancing frontline supervision, in particular, the supervisory and management functions of Sergeants and Inspectors will be critical to delivering a high quality policing service".

In relation to the examination of the allocation of Garda resources to Crime Prevention and Investigation, the Minister said: "I believe an examination of this area will help to ensure that detective resources at district and divisional levels will continue to be effectively deployed for the purpose of crime prevention and investigation".

The Minister concluded: "The advice and expertise of the Garda Inspectorate is a considerable resource in terms of public administration in this State. These new studies will, I am sure, assist the Garda Síochána in maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of the policing service at a time of budgetary constraint".

21 December 2010

Note for Editors

The terms of reference proposed for the two new studies are as follows:

Inspection of Front-Line Supervision in the Garda Síochána

To examine and report on front-line management and supervision in the Garda Síochána and to make recommendations taking account of best international practice with particular regard to:

· Supervision and management

· Roles and priorities for Sergeants and Inspectors including management of resources under their control.

· Garda Síochána arrangements to provide Sergeants and Inspectors with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to contribute to the delivery of efficient and effective police services.

· Current issues and other factors impacting on Sergeants and Inspectors in the Garda Síochána and means to address them.

· Supports, including guidance and information systems, to help Sergeants and Inspectors discharge their responsibilities.

· Accountability/Performance management arrangements.

· Allocation of resources by supervisors.

Inspection of the Allocation of Garda Resources to Crime Investigation and Prosecution

To examine and report on the allocation of Garda resources, in particular, detective resources at district and divisional levels, for the purpose of crime prevention and investigation. The examination should identify relevant best international practices and have particular regard to:

· Garda policies, practices and procedures for preventing and investigating crime;

· Crime-related demands on the Garda Síochána and the allocation of personnel and other resources to meet them;

· Garda systems for recording crime, managing crime caseloads and monitoring the progress of individual crime investigations;

· Arrangements for the selection, appointment and training of detectives;

· Establishment of local ad hoc specialist units to investigate crime;

· Availability of specialist support for complex investigations.