Statement by the Minister for Justice and Equality regarding developments in the investigation into incendiary devices posted to UK addresses


‘I was deeply concerned to learn of the further developments in the investigation into the incendiary devices which were posted to addresses in the United Kingdom last week.


As I previously said, this was a reckless and cowardly attack on the entire community.  I condemn in the strongest possible terms the people who carried out this act. 


We must work together to reject those isolated groups who would discard the accomplishments of the peace process for all communities on these islands for their own narrow objectives.  Their futile agenda will not succeed.  


These actions will only strengthen our resolve to double our efforts to build a truly peaceful future for the people of Northern Ireland.


An Garda Síochána and their counterparts in Northern Ireland and Great Britain will continue to work closely together to counteract the persistent threat that these people represent. 


I spoke to the Home Secretary yesterday and conveyed my utter disgust at these actions. They are the actions of those who are without any vision for a peaceful future on Northern Ireland. I also reaffirmed to the Home Secretary our deep commitment to working closely with our colleagues in Northern Ireland and Great Britain.’