Statement by Minister Flanagan on policing in border region


10 November 2019


Policing in the border region has long been very challenging as criminals have always sought to exploit that border.  I have every confidence that An Garda Síochána and the PSNI are working together at historically close levels to prevent and investigate cross-border crime and the fruits of that cooperation were evident this week in a series of major searches. Nobody is above the law anywhere on the island and the new Joint Investigation Team agreement signed this week formalises the necessary policing cooperation and leaves no hiding place for criminals operating in the border area - they will be relentlessly pursued in both jurisdictions.


The establishment of the first ever AGS-PSNI Joint Investigation Team involving Eurojust is a very significant and positive development. It will further support the existing Joint Agency Task Force established under the Fresh Start Agreement. There are already 1,500 Gardai in the border region - including three Garda Armed Support Units. I am pleased that 150 additional officers have been assigned to the region in the last two years following a difficult period for policing arising from the 2010 closure of Templemore College.